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I never was the type of individual who was attracted to any kind of plant or flower. I liked looking at them and that's pretty much it. My grandmother would give me flower's and I could never keep them alive, for some reason or another hahaha. I couldn't even keep a cactus alive because I would give it too much water 🤣. After many attempts, I gave up because I was just killing them.

You would think that I would know how to care for plants & flower's because my mom and grandma had loads of these on their land and in the house. I decided to let nature take it's course when it concerned plants and flower's 😊. There is that one day when a certain flower came into my life for a reason.

​September 13, 2017 was a different day for everyone in our family. My grandpa passed at the age of 101 years old. May his sweet soul rest in peace.When it was time to put my grandpa to rest, my aunt gave me a sunflower, it was so beautiful. I thought that I could keep it, yet it was my gift to my grandpa. I held the sunflower close to my chest and when it was time to give it back, I whispered my intention into it so that my grandpa can be at peace.​I drove a big 12 hours to come back home and went back to work. I was a caretaker at that time and my birthday was in a couple of weeks. On the day of my birthday, my boss asked me to sit down because they had gifts for me.The first gift was a card, a very special one that I still have and will cherish. The second gift was a vase. I was thinking; Why are they giving me a vase as a gift here 🤔. Then the cake arrived on my lap.

My boss went back to the kitchen, comes back with another card and a flower, a SUNFLOWER! I opened the card and read what they had written. These were the most beautiful words that I had read in years. He placed the sunflower onto my lap as I got all teary. That's when I explained about the sunflower at my grandpa's funeral, that I wanted to keep it because it was so beautiful, that it was my way of keeping memories of my grandpa. I firmly believe that my grandpa sent that sunflower back to me on my birthday. This was no coincidence!​What is the spiritual meaning of the Sunflower?It is a symbol of happiness, love, strength, faith. It loves the sunlight because it turns it's face towards the sun. The sunflower constantly searches for light aka enlightenment. The sunflower lifts your spirit, brings bright and cheerfulness to your life. It is bold yet brings comfort, longevity, vitality, to anyone who chooses it or receives it as a gift.​When I decided to create my tarot group on Facebook, I didn't think twice.

​I named it Sunny Flower's Tarot. Why? Because of the synchronicities that have happened since last September. I can relate to the spiritual meaning of the sunflower.​My website has the same name: Sunny Flower's Tarot. I wouldn't change it for any other title in the world. My readings bring all of the above (the spiritual meaning of the sunflower), to the individuals whom I read for as well.The picture of the sunflower is the one that I received on my birthday of last year. So with this, I shall end this by writing that Sunny Flower's Tarot holds a very important place in my heart.

Why Sunny Flower's Tarot

Live every Monday at 8pm EDT on my Facebook Page, where I offer readings and general messages for everyone during the live.

Offer Yourself The Ace Of Cups


The most beautiful gift that you can offer yourself is self love


I believe that you must bring your whole self to the table if you want to thrive in today’s world; your personality, your sense of humor, and most importantly, your heart and anything else that is most important to you. The core values that brought me to launch Sunny Flower's Tarot were; Family, Personal Growth, Self Expression, Commitment and Spirituality. It is one big Adventure for sure!​

Ever since I launched my project, Sunny Flower's Tarot has been thriving and has quickly gained a loyal following worldwide. I offer one onone readings in the comfort of your home. I also offer readings via video chat, Zoom, Skype. I do group readings and events. To see what I have been up to, browse my website, which I continuously works on. ​​

Iam a psychic medium who also does automatic writing, pendulum, aura and Chakra readings. I can see the potential in you through the cards which means that I can see the unlimited possibilities that are there for you. I don't always use my cards during my readings.​​

​Through my many years as a reader, I have discovered that I was guided to help people who want to heal from past pains, heartbreak, narcissistic abuse and much more. Through the readings, I guide you and give you the necessary tools and guidance to succeed! I will also refer you to the proper resources.​

What About Sunny Flower's Tarot